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Departing from
Long Beach Sportfishing Berth 55

Captain Tommy Lee on his first trip out of Long Beach Sportfishing scores 6 white seabass!  The fish were landed primary on a light leadhead and frozen squid in shallow water.  The first seabass was caught by Isidro Alaya shown in the group photo next to Captain Lee with the gaff.  The anglers lost several fish to structure and kelp; a great time was had by all, as everyone had their swing at one.  The Seeker runs limited load, open party, check out

Joining the “Taft Team”

It’s official!  Captain Tom Lee and Captain Sal Salazar have joined the “TAFT TEAM.”  We are all very excited to join one of the most respected families in the Sportfishing Industry.  Tom and Sal share in Chuck Taft’s vision of high standards and dedication to the angler and the industry.  Tommy had his choice between the Seeker or the Legend and Tom and Sal figured they could extend their awesome personable service on the smaller boat best.